[LOGO] Lensys: we are consultants.


What is our know-how?

Business analytics

We make use of data from storage to processing to create powerful business insights. Our skills cover traditional BI and big data technologies, search engines, NoSQL databases, real-time streaming and advanced visualization.

Software architectures

We develop robust applications keeping architecture and business requirements in mind equally. New architecture paradigms come up everyday – our passion is to spot them out and to go further: we love to deliver fully integrated, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain applications.


Rules and regulations, compliance, and reporting are daily constraints that require flexibility. Agility relies on an exhaustive toolbox. We make a point of using the right tool at the right time.

Who are our clients?

They are game changers

Our clients include FORTUNE 500 firms from leading industries such as energy, healthcare, finance, utilities, and telecommunications. They value reliable and efficient support from consultants through their IT transition. That is what you help us do for them.

They are smart

Our clients know that consultants give their best when they have the right skills, attitude, and potential. They trust us to go the extra mile and provide them with the right consultant for their ambition.

They recognise us

Our clients know we can deliver because we are IT experts backed up by a reputed R&D partner. Experience has shown them that we work diligently and smoothly, keeping business performance in mind.

Why be a consultant with us?

You are unique

Our clients' strategies, tactics, and business are unique. So are your skills, abilities, and aspirations. Each project has its own equation. We uncover the unknowns and spot out the skilled, enthused, and committed person ready to do a great job.

You learn more

As part of our Developing Excellence programme, we make time for you to be successful in your specific assignment. We offer coaching sessions with top-class experts as well as training in areas relevant to your ambitions.

You are in the driver's seat

You want exciting, impactful work. You appreciate feedback and have winning attitudes. For this, we monitor project developments and we provide help if and when needed. Follow up is part of the daily deal.

We believe
that tomorrow
will be more complex
than today.